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organic website traffic with

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Are you ready to get organic website traffic with search engine optimisation, or Pinterest marketing?

Would you like to outsource your website traffic strategy to improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results?

Are you looking for a Traffic Strategist who has an honest approach, and cares more about your success than getting every dollar from you?

Well, I can help you.

Overloaded with all of the new knowledge you constantly have to acquire to set up and run a business?

I understand. And I can take some of that load off of your shoulders. How? I can help you with your Pinterest marketing and SEO strategy. Then you can focus on your lovely clients, and truly help them live their best, most intentional lives. And you can get back to your own intentional life with your family with a business that supports you rather than intrudes on your time with your kids.

You are passionate about living an intentional life and helping all the overwhelmed women and mums do the same. Yet starting and running your business is making YOU feel constantly rushed!

I can take some of that burden off your shoulders and allow you to slow down. I make digital marketing work for you through the power of Pinterest and the right keywords (those things that make the search engine gods find you)! 

I show you how to create perfect, SEO optimised websites and Pinterest profiles to improve your overall traffic strategy so that you can have organic traffic just flow to your website without you having to lift a finger (okay, barely lift a finger!).

I truly believe that life is too short to spend it running around like you’re on a hamster wheel, just watching your days pass you by. Let’s get your business more visible with less effort from you so that you can run a business you love, and live the life you love, all while spending even more time with your family. I want to help you live your own fullest, most intentional life!

How can I help you?

I can’t wait to bring simplicity, freedom, and intentionality to the setup and day to day running of your business. If you would like me to cut through the overwhelm of Pinterest and SEO, AND bring in more heart-centred clients then check out just how you can work with me!

Pinterest Help

I will take the struggle and the mental overload out of your Pinterest marketing, and I will help you drive a steady flow of traffic to your business with either Pinterest management or perfect Pinterest strategy.

SEO Help

Let’s tackle all aspects of your search engine optimization. I will show you in detail how you can rank against your competitors and walk you through how to improve your search engine rankings.


“If it weren’t for Simone, I truly wouldn’t have a business. She keeps me organised and does everything I need without me having to check in – in fact she’s usually the one communicating with me and keeping me on task! It’s so great as a solo business woman to have someone whose as invested in my business success as me, who feels like an integral part of my team and is just fantastic at what she does.” – Rachelle Glendon from How To Live Slow

“Simone is amazing at what she does! She went above and beyond with a range of tasks that I needed help with before the launch of my website. These tasks included Pinterest for business set up, a hashtag collection specific to my niche, social media strategy and more, all whilst coaching me through with extra tips for each task to help me in the future. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing a friendly, reliable and committed assistant to help them reach some goals.” – Juliana from Partyora

“When I engaged Simone to complete an audit of my new Pinterest account, I had little understanding of the ins and outs of Pinterest and how it could help my business. After just one session with her where she talked me through my Pinterest audit over zoom, I now have a clear roadmap and many tools up my sleeve that I can use to make my Pinterest account an asset to my business. Simone is a natural communicator and is able to present all her findings in an easy to digest style. Her attention to detail is outstanding, her content knowledge formidable and she genuinely cares about her clients and success. I learned so much from Simone and am excited to implement everything that she taught me.” – Kate from Senior Style


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Join Simone Pavils newsletter list and get Pinterest and SEO tips, tricks and news!
Join Simone Pavils newsletter list and get Pinterest and SEO tips, tricks and news!