You sit down to create an impactful pin for Pinterest. You already know your target audience. You know their likes and their dislikes. You even know how old they probably are! You know their pain points. And you know how to speak convincingly to them so that you can reach their hearts and truly help them (and sell your products!).


But do you know what they are searching for on Pinterest?


After all, your beautiful and information-packed pins can’t help anyone (including your business!) if nobody sees them.


Well, Pinterest has a sneaky little tool available to you that you just might not know about. And it is going to change your marketing life!


The tool that I’m talking about is Pinterest Trends! That’s right: Pinterest has created a tool to help you visually see the search trends on their platform. This means that you can see what the most popular search words are in a specific category. Plus, you can see what the most popular categories are for people to search! This is an absolute game-changer for anybody who wants to grow their Pinterest following and leverage the power of Pinterest for their business. Because if you can show up in some of those most searched categories, you will be seen by hundreds if not thousands more people. And THAT will help your business grow. 


There are a few ways to use this invaluable tool that Pinterest created: 


1). Discover hot, industry-related topics that people will listen to you talk about.


People want to know about you and your business and what you can do for them. The problem is finding a way to catch their attention. You have to know what they are thinking about and what they are literally searching for! Which is exactly what the Pinterest Trends tool helps you discover. All you have to do is open the tool in your internet browser and type into the search bar.


Start with something generic. If you create handmade toys, type “handmade toys”. (And later you can branch out with terms like “playtime”, “play stations”, “invitations to play”, etc.) As you start typing, the search tool will start auto-populating popular search terms for you. Now you will see all of the popular searches related to your general idea. Use one as a topic for a blog or podcast (to then turn into a pin!)!


2). Discover SEO Keywords for Your Pinterest Posts


Now that you’ve discovered a topic, that same search term that inspired your blog post or podcast episode (and Pinterest pin) makes an excellent SEO keyword! This is a word or phrase that people are searching for regularly. When you include this word or phrase in your post title and post description (and in the actual content that you write that your Pinterest post is linked to) the search engine such as Pinterest or Google will see that you are talking a lot about the specific search term that someone is searching for. 


This means that Pinterest will show your pin, and your content, to anyone that is searching for it! This is the best way to get found by any new person who is not a part of your regular audience. This means that you will continuously grow your audience, which also means that you will continue to gain new customers as well.


The more keywords and variations of keywords that you are able to organically use, the greater your chance of being found by the Pinterest search engine. The Pinterest Trends tool helps you find keywords and search terms related to the original term that you pick! When you search a term, all you have to do is scroll down and look below the graph that shows you the term’s popularity, and you will see related search terms and keywords. Now you have more keywords and search terms that you can add to your Pinterest post and description! Plus, the Pinterest Trends tool lets you compare the original search term with any other related terms and keywords that you want to add to the trend graph. This lets you make sure that you are using the most popular keywords.


3). Discover What Types of Graphics Attract the Most Attention 


When you settle on the keyword or search term that you are going to base your content and pin off of (and use as an SEO keyword), you will see top posts in that category appear in the Pinterest Trends tool. These are posts that people are actively interacting with. 


People on Pinterest are interacting with these posts for two reasons: 1. Pinterest likes the keywords used and therefore showed the pins to more people! 2. The people searching Pinterest like the pins because of both the title and the accompanying graphic.


So when you look at the most popular pins for a certain search term, you can see not only the titles that people like but also the graphics that attract the most attention. This will help you notice the patterns, colors, and even the wording placement on a graphic that people like to see. Make sure to notice if the popular Pinterest pins have more white space in the graphics. Or if they have simpler and less busy graphics. Or if the graphics themselves have been blurred out a little bit so that the title really stands out on the pin. This will help you decide how you are going to create an eye-catching and popular graphic for your own pin!


All of these intimate insights into your Pinterest audience will help you stand out from the crowd. Which is exactly what you and your business deserve! So make sure that you use the Pinterest Trends tool regularly to help you boost your Pinterest marketing. 


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