Keen to use Pinterest but feel like you just can’t keep up with pinning content? I hear you! And I would love to share with you 5 of my favourite time-saving Pinterest tools for business that I use EVERY single day! As a Pinterest Strategist, it is safe to say I spend a fair chunk of time on Pinterest, right? So it is really important to me that I am using tools that help me be efficient with my time as I work through creating and managing content.


I might have put this tool at the top of this list as it might just be the favourite child among these Pinterest tools for business. Maybe. It is pretty safe to say that I love Canva and how much time it saves me working on my Pinterest Projects. Canva is an online design tool that is perfect for creating eye-catching, optimised Pin images. It is user-friendly, offers a large range of templates, and can be used as a free or paid tool. Personally, I think the paid version is very worth the money. Regardless, Canva is a fantastic time-saving Pinterest tool that is sure to help you create beautiful Pinterest graphics.

Ivory Mix

Do you know how they say that a picture is worth 1000 words? It is so true! Choosing images that align with your content and your branding is so important as a part of creating your brand awareness! While I do recommend that you have your own professional photography, Ivory Mix offers the next best thing with gorgeous styled stock photography. Simply search through the database to find images that match your brand image. 


Idea pins are definitely hot content on Pinterest right now. The platform is favouring these short pieces of native content so utilising them in your plan is smart! But to really make use of Idea pins you really want to be incorporating video! Pexels is one of the largest platforms for finding stock and royalty-free images and videos! Running a search on this database is a great way to quickly find suitable video content that you can incorporate in your Pinterest content.


Tailwind is probably the best-known Pinterest scheduling program around and for good reason! It is a Pinterest approved partner program and offers the ability to schedule content in advance. Creating and sharing content on the fly is not only stressful, but it almost always takes longer than when you batch and schedule your content. I love that the program automatically sets time slots in the schedule based upon audience interaction. This ensures you are getting your content out to your audience at the right time. Tailwind is invaluable for managing all of the content and as such, it is probably the most time-saving Pinterest tool in my business.


If you love spreadsheets you are going to LOVE Airtable! And if you don’t love spreadsheets you are probably going to love this tool anyway! Airtable is an essential part of planning my content for each client. This is where we plan out which links to use, what titles and descriptions should be used. Airtable allows me to easily and quickly manage each task and stage in the Pinterest pinning process. It also offers the ability to create dropdown lists to categorise your content, add images and collaborators, as well as add in notes. Using Airtable also helps me to keep track of which products and core content have been pinned so I can quickly identify fresh content to work with.

How can these tools help you save time when it comes to creating your own Pinterest content?

At the end of the day, my goal is to generate high-quality traffic AND conversions using excellent content. This requires strategy and making use of the best time-saving Pinterest Tools for business. With the help of these tools I know exactly what content to create and have the tools to get that content onto the platform. Pinterest is an absolute powerhouse when used properly for your business. With 320 million users monthly there is a huge potential to bring extra traffic to your website. Using these 5 tools will help you plan, create and manage your Pinterest content.

Want to steal my time-saving plan to create engaging Pinterest Content for a whole month??

Step 1 – Plan your content in Airtable. Depending on your strategy you might want more or less content, but 6-8 URLs of core content or products with 5 pins per link works well. Enter in the links you are driving traffic to and what your titles and descriptions will be. Need a hand? Grab my guide on creating catchy Pin titles here!

Step 2 – Jump over to Ivory Mix or Pexel to find a few images or videos to use for each Pin that you do not already have images for.

Step 3 – Use Canva to create some engaging Pinterest designs, you can easily use the templates on Canva.

Step 4 – Log into Tailwind and start scheduling in your pins. Don’t forget to fill in the title, description and add some relevant tags.

And you are done! A whole month’s worth of content planned, created, and scheduled! I told you that these 5 tools will save you time on Pinterest!

Now that you have some tools at your fingertips are you ready to up-level your Pinterest strategy and get cracking? Awesome! I would love to give you a hand! I offer audits and strategy sessions, or I can take care of completely setting up and optimising your Pinterest account for conversion! Ready? Let’s chat!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and purchase the paid version of these tools. This helps to fuel all the super awesome content I bring you on this blog, keeping you on top of your Pinterest marketing game!