SEO Afterparty the do it yourself SEO course for small business owners
  • Do you constantly feel like you are doing all of the things but still not getting traffic to your website?
  • Have you realised the importance of SEO, but are not sure where to start?
  • Are you ready to learn how to master SEO in a supportive group of like-minded business owners led by an SEO expert?

Then the SEO After-Party is for you!

The SEO After-Party is an exclusive SEO mastermind, where together we will optimise your whole website using SEO best practices and strategy.

The 6-module program is open to only 6 people, and together we will tackle all aspects of your SEO over a 6-week period. Here’s what we will cover in each week:


SEO is not just about keywords so in this first week we will work together to do a full audit of your website and fix basic SEO tech issues. We will also make sure your website is up-to-date and has great security and backup options.


The aim of the game is to bring people to your website and keep them there. So in the second week, we’ll be fixing the issues that are making it hard for users to navigate your website including accessibility. 


Keywords are an important part of SEO, but keyword research isn’t about just choosing a word willy-nilly. So in the third week, we’ll be doing some market research, analysing your own and your competitor’s keywords, and doing some keyword prep work to get you ready for finding your keywords.


After the keyword prep work, we’ll be ready for the keyword research part. So in the fourth week, you’ll be finding one keyword for each page of your website. I will support you as you use my process to find the perfect keywords.


In week five we get to do the fun part of implementation and optimisation. This week we’ll shrink and rename your images, videos, and PDFs, put all your keywords in the right spots and add schema to your site ready for Google to start ranking you!


The final component of SEO is showing your expertise and building your authority and trust. In the final week of the mastermind, we will review your current backlinks, analyse your competitor backlinks, start the process of gathering reviews, and aim to build a backlink.

Next round: June 2024

There are only 6 spots available. Secure your place now, add to cart and we’ll be in touch with more details shortly. Payment plans are available – please email directly to set up your payment plan.

It is so easy to ignore my website when my to-do list is permanently 50 miles long!

To have the support AND the time commitment to look at my own stuff is going to make so much impact! Truthfully I probably would have never got around to it without your support. Thank you for creating SEO After-Party with the in-person support to take action, edit websites and help us leverage SEO!

Sarah Wooden