I make digital marketing work for you through the power of Pinterest and the right keywords (those things that make the search engine gods find you)! How? I can do everything from setting up your Pinterest business account and helping with your own Pinterest strategy, to taking on all the work for you and managing your Pinterest business account (this is the truly hands-off option!).

Want your website to appear higher up on the search engine results page?

I will review your business’s SEO! AND I will support you with your SEO strategy, plus do customised keyword research for you so that you know exactly what words you need to include in your website and your posts to improve SEO and have Google see you.

In my other career as an ED nurse, I was constantly on alert, reading people and situations. I loved giving my patients the best care possible. But after seeing so much pain and also having experienced my own major trauma I began to develop a new appreciation of life. It helped me realise that life is much too short to spend it running around on a hamster wheel, going nowhere. Life is meant to be relinquished and stuffed full of memories with the people we love! So I pivoted majorly and became a virtual assistant in 2019. It was a rewarding career move! I have loved every moment of helping all my lovely clients navigate the often confusing waters of marketing and business set-up and growth.

My true passion is helping purpose-driven business women simplify their lives and their marketing so that they can live the intentional lives they long to live. I am my happiest when I know that you are no longer overwhelmed and get to spend the focused time you desire with your family while still running your successful dream business (without having to work when your kids are awake and around!).

Now, I have honed in on Pinterest marketing and SEO strategy after having great experiences getting my client’s amazing results with the strategies I developed for them.

When I do something, I dive right in – nothing held back! So not only do I have hands-on marketing experience and success, but I have learned from the very best. I completed Meagan William’s Pinterest Accelerator and Pin Potential courses, and Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course, plus I am apart of several lively and engaged marketing mastermind groups so that I can always bring my best and freshest approach to the table for you!

When I’m not diving into marketing for you and easing your business woes you will find me playing with my two kids, spending time with my husband, or diving into a brand new topic – I love researching! I also LOVE camping, stargazing, and listening to music. (And my guilty pleasure? I’ll admit I love watching soap operas! Though I balance them out with some Netflix documentaries too.) And I love playing board games, although I’ve kind of been banned from playing games with my family – they say I’m too competitive! Fancy that – a marketer being competitive!

Are you ready to buy back more time into your day and grow your business all at the same time?

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