The number 1 question I get asked is “how often should I Pin?”. That question is essentially like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. The answer is as long as you need it to be right? 

Pinterest is looking for active, engaged users who consistently share value and inspiration with the community. What they are asking from you is to use the platform like a human being who LOVES to be there. And the number 1 way to do that is to Pin CONSISTENTLY! 

But what exactly does that mean? It means – Pinning content on a regular and sustainable basis that works for you. No more 2-hour Pinning sprees and then ghosting the platform for 3 months okay? Instead, focus on quality. Ask yourself how many pins can you create consistently? Now notice here that I say create as I have a few tricks up my sleeve that is going to help you nail consistency! 

Here are my tips for pleasing Pinterest through a consistent Pinning strategy: 

Start by making the most of your content. One blog post like this does not equal just one Pin image! You can use that same blog to create 5 different Pins which you can then publish to 3 different boards (not too close together though). That means 1 blog, podcast or video can be used to publish 15 Pins! This process will get even faster if you use a set of templates to create your pins and you have a clear process that helps you create your Pin titles and descriptions. 

The good news is that I can help you with both 😉 check this blog to read my process and check out my templates here! 

My second tip is to use a scheduling tool like *Tailwind! Pinning consistently doesn’t mean that you have to manually pin every single one of those pins. Set up a pinning timeline and line them all up in your queue! Now, this is the bit that comes back to you and what YOU can pin consistently. Are you able to make 30 pins a month? Or 5 pins a day? Tailwind certainly makes it super easy to plan and schedule all of that content out once you’ve created it so you can nail consistency without having to be on the app 5 times a day.

A note here – Pinterest is a bit picky about which apps it approves as partners. I always recommend Tailwind as it has long been an approved Pinterest Partner and it is a fantastic scheduling tool for Pinterest. The other approved platforms are Planoly, Canva, and Later which are also other options. Outside of these platforms please be careful about which schedulers you connect to Pinterest as you may well trigger a response from Pinterest that sets you back. 

Lastly, don’t forget to be a human.

Please the Pinterest gods by using the platform like a real human being. People come to Pinterest to be inspired and collect ideas. Start building a habit of engaging with the platform. Once a week, while sitting on the lounge at night, spend time repinning posts that you love manually. And don’t forget to engage with the content too. So many business owners don’t even realise that you can leave comments on Pins! 

Start with 10mins once a week CONSISTENTLY and build up. Don’t forget to have fun and manually engage with content in this time. Then try 3 times a week and slowly build that consistency. You may even find that this becomes a part of your daily coffee ritual and becomes a time that you collect other ideas that will help you grow your business or your mindset. 

At the end of the day, Pinterest wants to build a thriving audience that adds value to the community. The best way that you can do this is by consistently Pinning to the platform with value-rich, inspiring content. 

Want to learn more about how to uplevel your Pinterest Strategy? Book a Pinterest Mentoring Session with me and let’s help you be found! 

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