Have you ever wondered why you just can’t keep up with your business? Between writing the blogs, posting the social media posts, sending out invoices, actually DOING the client work, tweaking your website, and improving your project management system you already forgot to follow up on that dang email. There are just SO many moving parts! So what is the secret to managing your business without burnout? That would be outsourcing in business! 

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have been supporting Simone since early 2021. It is such a pleasure to be part of the team here as Simone delivers SEO and Pinterest Services that help incredible people get found online. Bringing someone into your business can feel like such a huge step, but it can also be life-changing. So let’s talk about it! Here is why you should consider outsourcing in your business

Simone Pavils sits on the left in a black dress with classes. Sarah Wooden wears a pink knit jumper and glasses also. Both women are smiling at the camera after meeting for the first time. They have been Outsourcing in business together.

Why Outsource?

Simply put – holding onto all the balls all by yourself is a really good way to end up burnt out. ⁣

A lot of people are searching for this idea of balance. You’ve seen this right? “I know it’s hard right now and I have zilch time for myself but it’s okay because once things are ticking along I’ll be able to wind back and have more business and life balance”. Here is the thing though. I don’t think that balance ever truly exists! There is always going to be one end of the scale that is heavier and needs more attention. Instead; I think it is way more helpful to think of things as glass balls that you are juggling. ⁣

You’ve got your family, your health, school commitments, housework, friends, cooking, shopping, and relationships and then there are all the business ones from marketing, admin and accounting, customer support, business development, project management, and more! You are trying to juggle all of that. Sooner or later we are bound to slip and one or more of those glass balls come tumbling down. So the trick is to make sure you are focusing on catching the RIGHT balls. These are the things that only you can do because they need YOU and/or your zone of genius. Keep those balls as your focus and ask someone else to hold some of those other balls for you! ⁣

This is the magic of outsourcing in business and in life! You don’t need to keep it ALL in the air all on your own anymore because now you have someone else to share that load with and to help you catch those balls if things start getting messy. ⁣

I have spoken to so many incredible business owners over the years who have so much to offer the world! They are so passionate about what they do and they are making an impact! But… they are also so desperately overwhelmed and things are starting to fall apart a little. Perhaps this is you? Maybe you are right on the edge of burnout. Maybe you feel a little resentment. Or maybe you are ready to claim back more focus on being present in your family. ⁣

Outsourcing in business is protective against burnout and overwhelm and because it gives you back your focus for your zone of genius you create more room for growth, flexibility and for freedom. ⁣

Something to note here too: not all outsourcing will be business-related. While you are focusing on your family, your health, and your zone of genius you might opt to handball the housework and the shopping to someone else and still free up a tremendous amount of time in your life. Whatever works for you is fine! Just know that you don’t need to keep all those balls in the air by yourself.

Where to Start with Outsourcing in Business?

1. Assess Needs and Potential Tasks⁣

What are you resisting? What overwhelms you? What is chewing up the most of your valuable time? Where are you struggling to maintain consistency? Now, which of these tasks would feel like a good starting point to outsource?

2. Look at Your Budget⁣

While the person you outsource to will be setting their rates it is also important to go into the project knowing what your budget is as this informs what type of project you might look to start with. You don’t need to get help on an ongoing basis! A small budget is okay and might be best suited to starting with a specific project or a small package of just a few hours. Or after looking at your budget you might decide to be ready to jump in with bringing a team on board on an ongoing basis! Whoohoo!

3. Know Your Values⁣

What is your brand vision and mission? You are looking for someone who is going to be a good fit within those values, especially if you are bringing someone on in a front-of-house capacity like social media, inbox management, or customer service.⁣

4. Prepare to Onboard⁣

Are you already using a password manager or are the programs you use able to support additional team profiles? Do you currently have a way to organise your thoughts into tasks? Or do you have instructions or SOPs in place? ⁣

Note you do NOT have to have perfect systems in place and there are people (like me) who specialise in helping you set that up! BUT it is incredibly helpful to consider this now so you can communicate clearly and hand over the vital information for your project/s. Remember: clarity is a great way to set yourself up for success! ⁣

You are here in this world with your ideas, expertise, experience, and offerings for a reason. There are people out there looking for the exact thing you bring to the table and it might even be life-changing for them. You do not need to hold that all alone though. For your mental health and the stability of your business I encourage you to consider asking for help. Whether you outsource help with life or business it might be the thing that changes your life for the better.

“Sarah Wooden specialises in systems, copywriting, and automation for heart-centred women in business delivering systems built for their exact needs. This might be done as a VIP day, custom/short-term project, or through ongoing Business Management with my clients. As a certified Period Coach, Sarah also works to help her clients integrate flow, rest and creativity in their business and throughout life.” You can get in touch here.