The Pinterest and SEO Power Couple Strategy Session

Pinterest isn’t just pretty pictures to mindlessly scroll through. It’s become a digital marketing powerhouse and the relationship between Pinterest marketing and search engine optimisation is becoming more evident than ever. 

With more than 442 million monthly active Pinterest users who want to find what they love, it’s no wonder that Pinterest is demanding fresh, new pin images that link to valuable content that is rich and optimised to give Pinterest users the best experience possible. 

Funnily enough, this is also what Google wants too. 

Ok, so this is all well and good. But if you’re struggling to get your head around exactly how to make the Pinterest and Google Gods happy, then it’s time to book in. 

During this power couple strategy session, you’ll get the specific details you need to leverage Pinterest & SEO with ease, to grow your audience and drive more organic traffic to your site.

*All prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.