25 Pin Template Bundle


Banish the overwhelm with these GORGEOUS Pinterest Templates for all your pinning needs!

So you want to get on Pinterest? Great! And you have content ready to direct your audience too? Perfect! Now to create your interest-invoking images that will have your audience clicking to learn more!



If you have found yourself staring blankly at Canva trying to work out how to make a decent Pinterest image - or you have found yourself scrolling through Pinterest and feeling the imposter syndrome set in looking at all the pins then these templates are for you!



Designed to be 100% customisable with your own images, titles and branding. They are simple to use, interesting, and best of all - they have all the key parts of a killer Pin! Enjoy the range of pin templates for blogs, vlogs, products, podcasts and lead magnets - there is something for everyone!



Ready to make your own gorgeous, click-worthy Pins? Hit add to cart and let's get started!


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