SEO Afterparty


An exclusive SEO mastermind, where together we will optimise your whole website using SEO best practices and strategy.


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The SEO After-Party is a 6-module program that is open to only 6 people, and together we will tackle all aspects of your SEO over a 6-week period. The program includes:

  • Week 1 - This week we will audit your website to see if there are any technical problems or issues with user experience
  • Week 2 - This week we will explore your current rankings and backlinks and check in on your competitors
  • Week 3 - This week we will do some keyword prep to find out what our target clients or customers are searching
  • Week 4 - This week is where we will find the keywords you should target
  • Week 5 - This week we put all the keywords in the right spot
  • Week 6 - This week we look at building your trust, and domain authority by increasing the people linking to your website

Enrollments for the SEO After-Party are now open for July! Secure your spot now!


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