How to optimise or refresh your Pinterest account for conversion

Every month there are millions of users hanging out on Pinterest. Approximately 445 million globally to be exact! And around 9 in 10 of these users are there to plan purchases! That presents a massive opportunity for you to get in front of eager buyers and dream clients. But before you get in front of those new eyes it is time to set up your Pinterest account for conversion (or just give it a new year refresh to check that everything is optimised and in alignment). 

What does this mean exactly you ask? Optimising your account means making it cohesive, and visually appealing and ensuring that it clearly communicates what you are there to offer. And in turn, you are more likely to show up in search results, convert viewers into followers and create sales! 

Ready to get started? Let me show you how to optimise your Pinterest account or give it a refresh for 2023! 

Check you have a business account

Before we get to making graphics or choosing keywords this is the first thing you should do! As a business account, you can access a range of additional professional tools including access to verifying your website, creating a shop, or viewing analytics and reports that will help you create content strategically. If you haven’t done this already pop on over and do this first! 

Claim your website

That obscure little globe symbol with a tick right next to your website URL shows that you’ve claimed your website. This should be one of the first things you should do after signing up for a business account as this tells Pinterest that you own your website and that you are a real person/business.

The 6 steps to claiming your website on Pinterest are:

  • Head into settings, click claim, then click claim website
  • Copy the HTML tag
  • Find the instructions on Google to add the Pinterest HTML tag to your particular website platform
  • Head into the backend of your website to add and save the HTML tag
  • Go back to Pinterest and confirm the tag
  • Enter your URL and click confirm and you are done

If you are doing this for the first time I hope you felt a little surge of pride at making that tag code work ;) 

Update your Profile Branding

For your profile image, I highly recommend keeping things consistent across all of your social media platforms. Upload a photo of you if you offer a personal service or have a personal brand, a photo of your logo if people will recognise your logo (even people who aren’t your diehard fans), and use a photo of your product if you sell a product (bonus points if it’s a clear photo of someone wearing or using your product).

You can also update your cover image with a fun graphic that engages with your audience. I recommend using your brand colours, a tagline, and a call to action. Add photos, images, or graphics that are interesting and relevant to your business. THIS is the part of your profile that really catches your viewer’s attention visually so use this space well! 

Anatomy of a healthy pinterest bio. Optimise your account for conversion or refresh it in 2023. Set up Pinterest for your dream clients


Now we are getting to the part of the optimisation or refresh that scares some people a little. But keywords are the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal. Think of it like this; when your dream client comes to Pinterest to find ideas about something (even when they don’t yet know you have it to offer) what do they actually type into the search bar? These words are your keywords and you want to use these words strategically to help get your account in front of your dream client! 

Here are 6 places you should place your keywords on Pinterest:

  • Profile name
  • Bio/description
  • Board names
  • Board descriptions
  • Pin titles
  • Pin descriptions

Keywords are truly the number one way to grow on Pinterest so you really want to add these little guys to your profile as you set it up or refresh it! For your refresh focus on your profile name and description/bio. 

What next? 

How does that feel? Pinterest is an absolute powerhouse combining the power of a search engine with the engagement of a highly visual social platform. And the best bit is you aren’t fighting with an algorithm that totally drops your content off the face of the planet 24hrs after you post! I have clients gaining traffic year, after year, after year. And I love nothing more than seeing small businesses leverage Pinterest in their marketing plan. 

Ready to start creating content and pinning on your account? Get a head start with my Pinterest Toolkit! Enjoy these gorgeous pin templates, user-friendly guides, and all the ‘how-to’s you need to succeed on Pinterest.


  • 25-Pin Template Bundle
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  • Pinterest monthly tracking report

Pop on over here and let’s get cracking!

However – if you are still staring at your screen and wishing that your account would just magically sort itself up, create new graphics and fill out the perfect boards for your eager clients then I have a magic wand for you ;) My signature service is my Done-For-You Pinterest Account Setup where we jump in and do all the hard work to give you a sparkly account optimised and ready for you to get into the driver’s seat. You can grab more details about that one here. 

Pinterest is so much fun and I am so glad to be coming along with you on your exploration of the platform! Any questions please pop into the comments or send me an email. Can’t wait to connect with you!