What’s the first thing you say when you don’t know something? Google it! Same goes when your customers are trying to find exactly what you provide.

So, there’s a big problem if you’re not ranking highly in search engine results. You’re missing valuable opportunities to connect with those who want your help.

Ugh, one more thing to research, right? 

Not at all. Rather than adding hours & hours to your to-do list, use my SEO expertise instead.

I’ll review your current Search Engine Optimisation strategy and show you how to rise up those rankings.

Full SEO Audit and Power Hour Strategy Session

Ah, SEO. You’ve know the term, but haven’t had the time to invest in finding out how to hack it.

Well, therein lies a problem in itself. There isn’t just a shortcut or a way to simply hack SEO. 

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t one single tool or step – you need an overall strategy and plan that covers your website, Pinterest, socials, and more.

The good news is, this is where I come in!

By booking a full SEO Audit, I’ll find all of the holes in your current strategy (with absolutely no judgment!), get the lowdown on how you rank against your competitors, and then we’ll have a Power Hour so you know the action steps to nail your SEO.

Through this, you’ll gain insight on how to:

  • Know the keywords that matter for your business
  • Rank against your competitors
  • Increase the visibility & trust of your website
  • Rise up the search engine rankings
  • Direct more of the lovely customers you want to your site – yes please!

*All prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.